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FTMO Protector 3.0

FTMO Protector 3.0 is an MT4 Expert Advisor designed to safeguard your forex Prop Trading Account or any other trading account from unexpected drawdowns. With customizable parameters, it efficiently manages trades, controls profits and losses, and works with multiple robots and currency pairs. It calculates daily profit/loss, closes trades once target levels are reached, and manages open deals and orders. This account protector is preconfigured for a 10k account, but you can easily adjust the settings to match your account size and risk preferences. Use it with any broker and make it an essential part of your trading strategy.

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Protect your forex Prop Trading Account (or ANY account) from unexpected drawdowns with the MT4 Expert Advisor, FTMO Protector.

This powerful tool allows you to efficiently manage trades and control your profits and losses across multiple robots and currency pairs with customizable parameters and settings.

You can use as many EAs and instruments as you need, and the Protector will perform the following functions:

  • Calculate your midnight equity and real daily profit/loss.

  • Close all EAs once your target profit or loss is reached.

  • Close all open deals.

  • Close all open orders.

Let´s see an example!

As part of a deliberate test, we intentionally caused a drawdown in our 10k account to verify that the robot would stop trading when the equity reached 9,150. Although our equity did not drop to 9,150, we were loosing $373, which was within our maximum daily allowed loss of $400.

The robot was able to calculate that with so many trades and large lot sizes, we would quickly exceed our maximum daily allowed loss. Therefore, it promptly closed all trades to prevent any further losses beyond the set limit.

You can use it at any broker, whether you have a funded account or a regular account.

The FTMO Protector is preconfigured for 10k, but you can easily modify the values to suit your account’s size and desired max daily loss, min daily equity and daily equity target. Make the must-have account protector an essential part of your challenge and trading strategy today.

It’s soo simple!

All you need to do is place the EA on any pair and timeframe, and it will take care of managing your other EAs.

The EA is designed to make your trading easier and more efficient, protecting yourself from unnecessary losses or excessive drawdowns beyond the allowed limits in FTMO funded accounts with this tool. You can use it at any broker, whether you have a funded account or a regular account.

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