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Recommended Pairs: All (the more volatility the better).

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Trade on Candle Patterns

This indicator is very useful for those who base their trading on candlestick patterns, as well as to add it to any other strategy as an additional entry signal.

Depending on the nature of the patterns (bullish or bearish) it will give the appropriate entry signal with an arrow of the corresponding color, also showing the direction in which the trade should be opened.


Characteristics of the Engulfing Pattern Indicator

Characteristics of the Egulfing Pattern Indicator:

Platform: MT4

Timeframes: ALL (Best H4 to W1)

Currency pairs: ALL (the more volatility the better)

Trading Time: around the clock

Improvements: We have added an indicator “Currency Pair Changer” that will make trading easier for you because just by clicking on the desired pair and timeframe, it will change the chart without having to open several tabs simultaneously! This streamlines trading to find the pair in which to make your entries.

Now let’s look at how many correct entries it detects in 1 single currency pair in M1 (Attention Binary Traders)

See how many correct entries it detects in 1 single currency pair in M5 (Attention Binary Traders – Scalpers).

Now let’s look at a higher timeframe H4. A lot of accurate signals:

Remember: Higher timeframe = more accurate signals

As always, you need to follow the basic money management and do not risk whiter than 2% of your deposit in a separate transaction. Do not trade during the release of important economic news (see the economic calendar) and be sure to test on a demo account.

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Forex Store

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