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Do you need to know the exact value of the Euro currency versus the USD for your business transaction? Or perhaps how many GBP you would need to exchange to Euro for a shopping weekend in Paris? Maybe what’s the current value of the XRP versus the USD?

Use our always updated, live interbank rate feed Currency Converter to accurately convert Euro to USD, and many other pairs, including the conversion of the main cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies (the Cryptocurrency & Currency Converter uses live data from the main crypto exchanges).

Get the latest exchange rate of any major currency pair within seconds. Our Cryptocurrency & Currency Converter is the ideal tool for traders investing in international stock exchanges with different currencies. Convert with precision several base currencies, cryptocurrencies, Gold and Silver to the desired currency.

How to Use the Cryptocurrency & Currency Converter

Mike, from the UK, is off to a weekend in Amsterdam. He will need the EUR currency to spend while abroad visiting the city. After carefully researching, he found out that he will need about 850 EUR to pay for the museum fees, buses and taxis, souvenirs, dinning, etc. Now he needs to know how much GBP he should exchange into EUR for his weekend.

From: Select in this field the ISO code of the currency needed. Several options are available, from major and minor forex pairs and the most popular cryptocurrencies (ADA, BTC, DOGE, ETH, LTC, XRP, etc.). Also available, Gold and Silver. So, in this case, we will select the EUR.

To: Select in this field the ISO code of the currency to be exchanged. Again, the same options are available, several major and minor FX pairs, the most popular cryptocurrencies, Gold and Silver. For our example we will select the GBP.

 In our example, Mike knows he will need approximately 850 EUR for his weekend abroad. So, in this field, we will input 850.

The results: Using an interbank real-time feed the Cryptocurrency & Currency Converter will calculate and display the result. For our example, 850 EUR, at a current exchange rate of 0.90208 EUR/GBP, is converted into 766,77 GBP, which is the amount that Mike needs to exchange into EUR for his short-stay in Amsterdam.

The Currency Converter Calculator can also be used to calculate how much any amount of a base currency, exchanged to another currency, is worth. For example, say you have 11,250 USD in your bank account and would like to know how much that represents in JPY.

So, in the first field (From) select USD, on the second field (To) select JPY, then input the amount (11,250). With the current exchange rate at 134.901 for the USD/JPY pair, US$11,250 are precisely JP¥ 1,517,634.906. Wow, with US$11,250 we can be millionaires in Japan!

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